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When His Pursuits Are Boundless
Life in rhythm, connected and attuned to the precision of Greenwich Mean Time. Explore our collection of complementary scents created to carry the modern man throughout his day.
Kinetic is a signature scent embodying his passions. Comprised of notes including sandalwood and smoky vanilla, this bottle features a custom-locking mechanism to complement his life on the move.

Atlas Fragrance
ATLAS [00:00 GMT]

Fresh and bold to celebrate the time one reclaims for themselves.

Awaken Fragrance
AWAKEN [08:00 GMT]

An energizing citrus to refresh, revitalize and stimulate at the start of his day.

Continuum Fragrance

Infused with the vitality of the elements, the woodsy fragrance dares to push boundaries.

Unwind Fragrance
UNWIND [20:00 GMT]

A warm, woodsy and casual fragrance that helps recalibrate and reset the mind.

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